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Buyer Guide to Promotional Items

Promotional merchandise is the happy medium between useful a product and offline advertising. Data suggests, promotional merchandise may actually be the most effective advertising method for brand retention, “94 percent of people could successfully recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years,” according to a PPAI 2009 study. People love getting free merchandise and your business can capitalize on the opportunities to offer clients and perspective customers’ useful promotional materials. According to the same study, “consumers made a purchase after receiving a promotional product (20.9 percent) more often than after viewing a print ad (13.4 percent), TV commercial (7.1 percent) or online ad (4.6 percent).” Since promotional items have such a high rate of success, companies can often justify their spending with a high ROI.

Surprisingly the ROI associated with promotional products are on average, much higher than many other advertising channels. According to an Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, “62% of people, report that they have done business with a company after receiving a promotional product from them.” Getting your businesses name and logo out to large audience doesn’t require expensive display and media advertising.

Promotional merchandise can range from traditional corporate logo hats to candles and skin care accessories. They are typically given out for free at tradeshows, corporate events and corporate meetings. Promotional items are particularly effective when used in conjunction with other marketing channels as they allow a consumer to get more familiar and comfortable with your business. However, not all promotional items are equally effective, purchasing a product that offers functional use for your clients can be tough.

With that being said, purchasing promotional items requires a bit of strategic planning. Sure you can go online and purchase 10,000 pens, but if you don’t have a plan for cross promotions, your money could misspent. Before you purchase promotional items for your business, understand your current and potential customers’ basic needs and how a promotional item would fit within your businesses offering and image.

This buyer guide provides basic insights to the benefits of promotional products and to use for your business. To get promotional merchandise price quotes from qualified merchants, click here.



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