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Heat Transfers – Photograffix

New! Heat Transfers – Photograffix It’s a four-colour process that can duplicate photograpahic quality starting at 300 DPI. Virtually any colour or image can be reproduced. One of the challenges with Photograffix is that with small text, a border/contour is required. When you choose Photograffix, your logo’s finest details are always captured.   A special thanks to our parter Trimark for the video


Success Story

If you were a bookstore that wanted to reach people in spots where they were likely to be reading, where would you put your promotional products? 100,000 Books, a Russian bookstore, was faced with this exact question, and came up with the obvious answer: near the toilet! Knowing that people using the restrooms in malls, offices, and restaurants don’t come prepared with reading material, the bookstore did everyone a favor. They took excerpts from classic novels like Wuthering Hights and Silent Spring and imprinted the text on the label of custom air fresheners.   Since people typically resort to reading anything in sight in…


THE LIST- Christmas Gift Record Printable

——–❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄———- There are a few smart people out there that have already gotten all of their Christmas shopping done. Then there are people like me that haven’t really even started. I always have a hard time choosing what to get people so I end up putting it off hoping the perfect gift will fall right in my lap. Once Black Friday hits, that is when I really start to get in present buying mode. When I’m out shopping and in the midst of the holiday craziness, I sometimes forget who I’ve bought presents for and who I still have left on my list. So…


Greetings tips- Suggested Christmas Business Wishes

Phrases to use in your business Christmas cards Sending Christmas greeting cardsto your customers, vendors and prospects at the end of the year is good for your business. But saying the wrong thing inside those cards could be very bad. When coming up with business Christmas wishes to include inside your annual holiday cards, think about the people on your card list. For most businesses in most parts of the country, you’re likely to have some clients or customers that don’t celebrate Christmas. Some of these people will not be offended by getting a card wishing them a “Merry Christmas,”…


Holiday Business Cards

Should you send business Christmas cards to clients and customers? YES OF COURSE! Not only are Christmas cards a tradition, but sending a business Christmas card lets your clients and/or customers know that they are important to you. And that’s important in terms of furthering a relationship. However, as furthering a relationship is the goal, you don’t want to endanger that relationship by offending the recipient of your business Christmas card. Here are the ins and outs of choosing and sending business Christmas cards to help you avoid embarrassing Christmas card gaffes. What Kind of Business Christmas Cards Should I Send?…


Winflag- Fun- Super eye-catchy- Efficient

It’s getting  more popular to see feather flags when driving down the road. The reason is simple: It’s because they work! They attract attention of drivers passing by and bring attention to your store or advertised specials. When you drive through a business district, you pass hundreds or thousands of businesses. What makes you notice any individual business over another one? A full-color printed flag will generate plenty of attention.  In addition, this promotional tool is fast to setup and take about a minute to assemble. True story: Last July, we had a couple of sultry day, that even a…

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