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How to chose the right Promotional Object

How to chose the right Promotional Product

Choosing the right gift for your customers is an art! You want a product that will boast your corporate image, reflect your business values & increase your sales. On the other hand, you want your customers to enjoy it, use it and keep it for a significant period of time.

1)          What’s your goal

What message do YOU want to send to your customers? Is this for current customers or new customers?

Are you offering a new service? Do you wish to promote a specific service or is it a thank you gesture? Can you define your customers, their gender, age group, there average income? Once you have answer those questions, then you need to a budget that will be appropriate for the Product you wish to buy.


2)         Think outside the box

By knowing your customer, you are able to say if a water bottle is more appropriate than a coffee mug! It can be trendy clothing that will replace the faded tee shirt or a USB key with greater memory storage, there are so many options we can help you with! Whatever you choose, you have to surprise your customer! Let’s be logical, If you choose quality  you can’t opt for the cheapest mug or pen! You must be consistent and ensure that the communication objectives correspond to the chosen promotional item

3)         What’s your message

“Dear client please remember me for your next purchase!” You can either have your logo with your slogan or telephone number. If you are launching your website, this is a economic & fun option to promote your services. Send ONE clear message, so your customer may remember YOU when it’s time to do another purchase!

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