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Success Story

If you were a bookstore that wanted to reach people in spots where they were likely to be reading, where would you put your promotional products?

100,000 Books, a Russian bookstore, was faced with this exact question, and came up with the obvious answer: near the toilet!

Knowing that people using the restrooms in malls, offices, and restaurants don’t come prepared with reading material, the bookstore did everyone a favor. They took excerpts from classic novels like Wuthering Hights and Silent Spring and imprinted the text on the label of custom air fresheners.


Since people typically resort to reading anything in sight in these situations – including product labels – this promotion was ripe for receiving tons of attention.

The air freshener cans also included the chain’s branding so the real message would not be lost on the entertained audience. The bookstore reported that in the month following the promotion, in-store traffic grew by 23%.

Bonus points: The air fresheners were so popular with customers that 100,000 Books plans to sell them in their stores!


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