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Winflag- Fun- Super eye-catchy- Efficient

It’s getting  more popular to see feather flags when driving down the road. The reason is simple: It’s because they work! They attract attention of drivers passing by and bring attention to your store or advertised specials. When you drive through a business district, you pass hundreds or thousands of businesses. What makes you notice any individual business over another one? A full-color printed flag will generate plenty of attention.  In addition, this promotional tool is fast to setup and take about a minute to assemble.

True story: Last July, we had a couple of sultry day, that even a simple quick stop at the gas station was a challenge!  But it was also the perfect opportunity for McDonald to catch my attention with a Winflag announcing a fresh Ice Cappuccino.  That was it!  Even if I never stop to this fast food, the offer was just so perfect for me, that I did not hesitate and went.  That business was at the right place at the right moment for the right purpose! And trust me, without the Winflag advertising, I would have just gone inside the shop, pay for the gas and buy a water bottle.

In conclusion, your role is to be visible! The outside Winflag promotes your business to hundreds of folks at rush hour. Those who have the desire and need for your services will be tempted, others will undoubtedly be more aware of your existence.


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